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Architectural designing is the process of pre-visualization of final construction. The process starts from the layout plan of house or building. This plan is made precisely by taking consideration of available resources and personal preference of the client. All the dimensions are depicted on this layout plan and works as a blueprint for actual construction. A new thing has been included between layout plan and construction is the 3D architectural designing.

3D architectural designing is the process of creating virtual models of actual assets prior to its construction and outputs of these models can be viewed on digital displays or on prints, thus provide visual representation of future establishments. The result of 3D designing is so realistic that it is impossible to believe that these things don’t exist in reality. Due to its hyper-realistic appearance, 3D architectural designing is the prerequisite of every construction.

The use of such architectural designs is useful for many people and from many ways. From the side of real estate developer, if he has such an output of his running project, he can easily convince his clients by showing them these realistic 3D outputs and can get the active feedback on the spot. Similarly from the point of view of a client, if he is able to see the final construction prior to its actual completion, he can easily get an idea or its looks. And so he can invest on those projects. 3D architectural designing is definitely a boon for real estate developers.

One of the segments of 3D architectural designing is the 3D exterior designing. As the name suggests, it is the designing of the exterior of a house or building. While designing such exteriors, additional decoration is done over the plan which enhances the final output. For such designing various 3D designing tools such as AutoCAD and 3DS Max are used to develop 3D assets on the basis of layout plan and final output is thus obtained for production. Exterior designing is done to enhance the external look by adding some additional elements or props over the actual form. Entrance, pillars, window panes, roof and railings, boundary walls etc. all are the parts of exterior designing. Wall colors and external lighting are also assembled as per the requirement.

Exterior designing also depends upon site of construction. Especially in Indian reference where religion and culture has big influence over such constructions; location of construction, direction of entrance etc. are seriously discussed in Indian scenario. Therefore a designer has to design by taking consideration of all these believes and personal preferences.

We are one of the leading 3D exterior designing agencies in Delhi. Our designs are modern, contemporary and depict the cultural influence of the land. We follow latest global trends which are modern as well as budget friendly. We have a team of highly skilled professionals of exterior designing which is able to perform their duties on due time. So if you are planning to construct a house of any purpose, commercial or residential; we welcome you to our firm for best exterior designing on decent value.

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